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Our Mission

To improve the working environment of the City of Austin Asian American employees; to promote communication and mutual understanding among all employees and the community; and to insure that all Asian American employees are treated with equity and dignity.

Our Objectives

To encourage professional excellence among Austin Asian American employees through an organized network, to achieve more effective input in the management and employment of the City of Austin, and to provide unique resources to the City of Austin. On March 17, 1994, the City Council passed a resolution unanimously supporting the creation of an Asian-American Employee Network (AAEN). The intent of the resolution is to improve the City's working environment by promoting communication and mutual understanding among all City of Austin employees. The City maintains an interest in recruiting, training, offering promotion opportunities and retaining a work force that reflects the diversity of the City. During a meeting held on May 10, 1994, Asian-American employees discussed the goals, by-laws and articles of incorporation of the City of Austin Asian American Employee Network (AAEN).

Our History

Members of the Network elected its first slate of officers on July 7, 1994. Membership of the Network is open to all City of Austin employees who subscribe to the same mission and objectives of the Network. Over a decade, AAEN has been active both within and outside of the City government, in an effort to accomplish its objectives. Internally, the Network sponsors a number of citywide activities to promote understanding, including hosting a huge and successful annual Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Celebration in May 2005, and Lunar New Year Celebrations. The Network continues to work closely with the Human Resources Department and participated in the initial Professional Development Day for HR Liasons in January 2002. The group meets regularly with City Management, City Council and Department Directors to help implement the City Council diversity goals. Externally, the Network hosted or participated in community-wide events such as holding seminars for small business owners in which representatives from various City departments discussed rules and procedures for conducting business in and with the City; participation in community health fairs, City recruitment efforts, and Asian cultural arts activities. Many of the members of the Network are also involved in community organizations and the Network is part of the Network of Asian American Organizations (NAAO) in order to coordinate efforts throughout the community.

We also provide quarterly report on City of Austin Asian-American Departmental representation. The Asian American Employee Network (AAEN) is your key link to the Asian American Community. Thank you for stopping by. Have a pleasant day.

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